Call for Submissions




Pick one [A] or [B] or [C] below:



Producers with at least one pitch-ready developed script (or slate of scripts) wanting to partake in 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap’s program of scheduled meetings and events with local and international film financing guests. (This pass can also include meetings with publishers, IP holders and writers)


Coming 2022



Producers with a completed film seeking world sales and/or local distribution to participate in 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings, which screens the selected films for 37ºSouth’s local and international sales agents/distributors and schedules meetings between the film’s producer and those buyers. (This pass can also include meetings with publishers, IP holders and writers)


Coming 2022



Producers without pitch-ready scripts who instead wish to seek new content to develop by meeting with  publishers at 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF (BaM) and/or with screenwriters at 37ºSouth’s PostScript&Direct (PS&D) and/or IP rights holders at 37ºSouth’s Nexus.


Coming 2022


Book Publishers/Literary Agents (For 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF)

Australian and NZ publishers/literary agents (film/TV rights holders) wishing to participate in Books at MIFF to pitch to producers their books with screen adaptation potential


Coming 2022


IP/Creative assets holders (for 37ºSouth’s Nexus)

Australia/NZ IP rights holders (such as plays, games, news articles, comics, musicals) wishing to participate in Nexus to pitch to producers their creative assets with screen adaptation potential


Coming 2022


Screenwriters/Directors/Creatives (for 37ºSouth: PostScript&Direct)

Screenwriters, directors and creatives can meet with a selection of producers to expand their contacts and interest producers in their work and skills at PostScript&Direct (PS&D). Some of the State Screen Agencies have partnerships with 37ºSouth Market to secure places for creatives at PS&D, so check with your state screen agency first and if your state is a PS&D partner then you should apply to attend via your state screen agency. If your state does not have a PS&D partnership, then you should apply here


Coming 2022


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