37° South Market FAQs

  • When does MIFF 37ºSouth Market occur?

    MIFF 37ºSouth Market occurs 04 August – 07 August 2022 – around the opening weekend of MIFF.

  • How can I participate in MIFF 37ºSouth Market?

    If you are a producer based in Australia or New Zealand and you have a feature film project (or, better still, a slate of projects that can also include event TV drama) ready to show to distributors, sales agents, streamers and other screen financiers, then go to the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS section of the MIFF 37ºSouth Market website and complete the relevant application form. If you want to pitch script-stage projects, then apply for MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap; if you have a completed movie that is seeking distribution or a foreign sales agent, then apply to MIFF 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings. Alternatively, if you are a producer who is seeking new material to develop and/or finance, then you may wish to attend 37ºSouth PostScript&Direct (to meet with writers/directors) and/or 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF (to find the latest books ripe for screen adaptation) and/or 37ºSouth Nexus (to find the latest creative IP ripe for screen adaptation) – you will find an application form for this in the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS  section as well.

    MIFF 37ºSouth Market is purely designed for screen production professionals to meet with potential financiers and/or producers meeting with IP owners to find new content to develop. If you do not fall into these categories, then 37ºSouth Market is not for you – your best interface is with the 37ºSouth Market & Accelerator Lab public & industry partnership events, ticket purchases for which are open to all, as well as with main MIFF and its hundreds of films, Q&A sessions, panels and other special events.

  • Should I apply for more than one module?

    If you are concerned that your application for Bridging the Gap or Breakthru Screenings might not be successful, you may wish to apply for more than one strand/module of 37ºSouth Market to increase your chances of selection. Obviously, only a maximum of one of your applications will be successful. So, if you are applying, for example, with a completed film for a Breakthru Screening place (bearing in mind that there are only up to six Breakthru places on offer), you may wish to also apply with your script-based projects for Bridging the Gap. So, if you don’t secure the Breakthru place, you will still be in the running for a Bridging the Gap place. Be assured that no matter how many applications you submit, you will only be charged once – and only if you are successful.

  • What is included in my registration? What are the various modules?

    Producers who, on the basis of their applications, are selected for Bridging the Gap or Breakthru Screenings registrations to 37ºSouth Market will receive a photo lanyard entitling them to scheduled meetings with local and international financiers/buyers plus selected networking events, State of Play panel discussions; inclusion in 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF program of book pitching, case study discussion, networking and (if desired) meetings with publishers pitching their books for potential screen adaptations, and (if desired) in 37ºSouth’s Nexus program of meetings with other IP rights holders pitching their creative assets for potential film/TV adaptations. Where a Bridging the Gap or Breakthru Screenings producer has nominated to participate in PostScript&Direct (PSD) and has been selected to do so, that producer’s pass will include meeting with writers pitching their screenplays and seeking to broaden their producer networks.

    For those producers who do not have market-ready scripts to pitch to financiers, they can apply to attend only the modules where they can seek new content to develop – namely Books at MIFF and/or Nexus and/or PostScript&Direct.

    For more information on 37ºSouth’s various modules, see here.

  • Can more than one producer per project attend?

    Each registration is good for the one producer only; photo passes are not transferable nor are they able to be shared and only the person on the photo pass will be able to access the events. To restate, only ONE producer per application will receive a lanyard entitling them for entry to 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap meetings, events and functions. Extra members of the creative team are not eligible for entry to the market floor without their own registration. If producers of the other (non-lead) projects on your slate wish to also attend 37ºSouth Market, they may submit a separate application using the other project on your slate as their lead project. If both projects are selected you may elect to take meetings together if you wish. Please indicate on your application if you wish to link with another applicant for meetings should you both be selected. Please note that by applying, you agree to the one producer per application/lanyard rule.

  • Will I be charged if my application is not successful?

    In short, no! For your application to be valid, you are required to give your credit card details in the payment and declaration section of your application. However, the amount will only be deducted if your application is successful.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Apart from changes of plan owing to Covid-19, if you find yourself not able to attend the market refunds are not issued. However, on a case-by-case basis, a credit may be offered for the following year’s edition of the market. Like the registrations and passes themselves (as outlined above), a credit is good for the one producer only and is not transferable or able to be shared.

    However, if there are Covid-19 reasons for your cancellation (such as you contracting Covid-19, your state/territory closing its borders for travel, or Melbourne/Victoria closing its borders for travel from your state/territory) then a full refund will be issued. Requests for refunds must be received by 12 noon on 27 July 2022.

    In the event of Melbourne/Victoria going into lockdown and/or closing its borders to all travellers, then 37South will pivot to a fully online event and proceed with the majority of its program.

  • Is the information I provide confidential?

    The 37ºSouth Market application process asks for specific financing information on your projects to assist the invited distributors, financiers, sales agents and other funders to make their decisions on whether or not your project is something they are interested in meeting you about. As some of this information can be both confidential and sensitive, you are assured that it is not circulated any wider than those invited parties that are taking diarized meetings at the market. Please note that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide the full information on the form. If you are selected to participate at 37ºSouth Market, this two-page form becomes your entry in the confidential project book from which the financiers then make their selections for who they wish to meet. So, your application form is a crucial document that serves two important functions: (1) it is the basis upon which the decision to select you to participate is made; and (2) it is the basis upon which the financiers will determine if they wish to meet with you.

  • How long until I find out if my application has been successful?

    Generally, MIFF 37ºSouth Market will contact you in June to let you know if you have been successful or not. For some producers, at the first stage, further information will be sought and your application placed in reserve and you will be contacted again in late June based on the new information you provide.

  • Is it feature film projects only? Do you also do TV? What about docos?

    MIFF 37ºSouth Market has always connected Australian narrative feature film producers with the local and international marketplace on their home soil – far away from the rest of the world’s producers (and buyers) competing for sales agents attentions at major international markets/festivals. MIFF 37ºSouth Market now also admits producers whose slate includes “event” TV drama.

    If you have a feature-length documentary that is a genuine theatrical proposition (think AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, MAD HOT BALLROOM, THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, SHERPA, MOUNTAIN, AMY, BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB. EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM, WALTZ WITH BASHIR), then 37ºSouth Market will have co-financiers in attendance of relevance to your project. If your documentary project is aimed more at international TV co-financiers, then there are other Australian events (such as AIDC) to connect you to those TV buyers/financiers.

  • Can I return to the market with the same project?

    If you have attended a previous edition of the market and you wish to return with the same project, that is not a problem – after all, screen project financing is a gradual business! Indeed, many of the projects that have attached financing elements at 37ºSouth Market were presented at more than one edition of the event. Each year, the mix of financing guests is different with some returning companies and always several new companies. However, in this circumstance, it is advisable to apply with a slate.

  • What sort of financiers come to MIFF 37ºSouth Market?

    Each year, the market brings together a careful selection of screen production financiers (including sales agents, distributors, streamers, gap funders, cash-flow providers) with a range of interests. Most years, this spread of companies will range from studio level, through to major independents, frequent partners in Australian projects, streamers and companies comfortable with lower budget work. For a brochure giving an overview of 37ºSouth Market – including previous financing guests, click here.

  • What’s the best preparation for the meetings?

    Each of the meetings goes for around 20-minutes, replicating the typical meeting time at a major market. The best thing to do is to use the few days between getting your diary and the guest sales agents/distributor/financier profile document (generally three or four days prior to the start of the market – scheduling more than 3,000 meetings takes a long time!) and the start of the market to visit the links of each of the companies that are meeting with you to get a feel for their recent slate. Generally, it is advisable to have a pitch on your lead project ready to take up no more than 10 minutes of your meeting time, leaving time for questions and also to quickly pitch the rest of your slate if the buyer is interested. It is also advisable be ready to switch quickly to another of your slate projects should the buyer not bite at your main project pitch. The key objective for most meetings is for the buyer (sales agent/distributor/financier) to be induced to ask to be sent a copy of your script – after all, a requested script generally gets read a lot sooner than an unsolicited one! For other producers, the key outcome is just having met the buyer and having made that contact which might be useful in the future. For the for foreign sales agents especially, 37ºSouth Market works as a “feeder and filter” market – in that they meet a very large number of producers over the four days and tend to pick a handful of projects that they would like to read the script for (Feeder element) and then take follow-up meetings with at a future international markets (Filter). MIFF 37ºSouth Market meetings are determined mainly by the preferences of the invited sales agents / distributors / financiers – so the benefit here is that if you have a meeting scheduled, odds-on it has been at the request of the buyer! Don’t forget, that in addition to your scheduled meetings, there will also be several more informal networking events – so if you don’t have a meeting with a company that you were really hoping for, there are other chances over the four days where you might be able to make yourself known to them!

  • Where should I stay?

    If you are attending the market and are from outside Melbourne, there is a large range of hotels close to 37ºSouth Market‘s main venues, including the Sofitel on Collins, Sheraton on Little Collins, and Hyatt on Collins at the luxury end, while at the more budget end are the Mercure on Swanston and Victoria Hotel on Little Collins.

  • How can I get tickets to MIFF films, including Opening and/or Closing night?

    Tickets can be purchased by going to www.miff.com.au

    Tickets can be booked at discounted rates by becoming a MIFF member – see: http://miff.com.au/membership

  • What is the price for Bridging the Gap?

    The late applications price for Bridging the Gap is $475, which will rise to $525 after 10 June 2022. Super late applications close on 14 June 2022.