Call for Submissions

Call for applications (rounds) and closing dates

Rounds One (1) through 59 are now closed.

Round 60 is open for submissions from 17 November 2021 with applications closing on 03 December 2021 for decisions due around 17 December 2021.

For more details on funding round dates, see the chart on page two of the below guidelines.

Download the application form here.

Dates (when available) for funding rounds will be notified here so always keep an eye on the website or subscribe to our newsletter (see bottom of page) which will carry notifications of funding rounds.

Dates of the present round and tentative dates for future rounds can be found in the table in section [3] on page 2 of the guidelines.

Download the full Guidelines here.

General Guidelines

The MIFF Premiere Fund supports cinematic Australian Stories That Need Telling through a range of measures as follows:

  • completed projects seeking distribution/marketing support, via advances;
  • fully-shot or mostly-shot projects seeking completion/enhancement funding;
  • scripts (or fully-developed proposals/outlines in the case of feature documentaries) in an advanced state of financing seeking mini-gap or equity investment.

Before applying, please download and review the Premiere Fund’s Full Regulations and eligibility criteria here.

Resources for Producers with Premiere Fund Projects

Below please find links to templates of commonly-required documents for the contracting or delivery of Premiere Fund projects.

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