The Wedding Party

Australia (MIFF 2010 , Premiere Fund)
Director: Amanda Jane

Family, Vodka and Tears.

First time feature director Amanda Jane takes her camera into the heart of Melbourne and creates a fun-filled farce about family, love and the choices we make. From the sacred turf of the MCG to the city’s kinky underground, The Wedding Party explores everything that can go wrong (and right) in the search for love.

New secrets trip over old lies, as the misadventures of an average suburban family prove you can choose your illegal immigrant bride but you can’t choose your own kin.

This vodka-sodden comedy of errors features an impressive ensemble of Australian talent, including Josh Lawson, Isabel Lucas, Steve Bisley, Heather Mitchell, Essie Davis, Geoff Paine, Nadine Garner, Adam Zwar, Kestie Morassi, Rhonda Burchmore, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard and Bill Hunter. The soundtrack includes the work of Melbourne-based musicians J. Walker (Machine Translations) and Clare Bowditch.

— D Amanda Jane P Nicole Minchin S Christine Bartlett TD 35mm/2010