2008 Program


37South 2008 - PROGRAM

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37 South: Bridging the Gap is a feature film financing market for producers with ‘market-ready’ projects staged in the opening four days of MIFF. In its second year, it comprises the following popular elements from its first outing in 2007:

  • Scheduled one-to-one meetings: registered producers with market-ready projects discuss their slates and deepen their relationships with 37South2008’s invited local and international film financiers/buyers.
  • Roundtables: facilitated by experienced Australian film practitioners, 37South2008’s local and international film financiers/buyers meet with small groups of producers and outline what sort of projects they seek and the types of finance they offer.
  • Public panel sessions: moderated by leading Australian film professionals, 37 South2008’s local and international financing guests discuss the pressing film funding issues of the day and outline the latest sales and distribution opportunities. These sessions are free and open to the public.
  • Networking events: mixing registered producers, financiers, government, distributors and sales agents to meet informally and talk about the business of film.

And new, for 2008, will be:

37 South: Breakthrough Screenings: Screenings for invited international and local buyers of selected new Australia/NZ films seeking world sales agents and/or local distribution.

37 South: Accelerator Express: A collaboration of 37 South: Bridging the Gap, which is focused on producers with ‘market-ready’ projects, and Accelerator, which is MIFF’s skills and craft development workshops for the new Australia/NZ short film directing talent, 37 South: Accelerator Express will comprise:

  • 37 South/Accelerator Producer Express: One lucky producer of an Accelerator short film who is developing a feature film with the same director will be selected to participate in 37 South: Bridging the Gap thereby ‘expressing’ this team’s project for consideration by registered buyers.
  • 37 South/Accelerator Screenings Express: Accelerator’s selected program of short films will have a special screening for 37 South: Bridging the Gap’s registered producers thereby exposing the works of Accelerator directors to established producers.

37South2008 also includes 37 South’s Books at MIFF (BaM), a one-day event (on 24 July 2008) promoting links and business between publishers, literary agents, film financiers and producers to foster book-to-film adaptations, which comprises:

  • a case-study panel discussion on recent adaptations
  • public pitching by publishers / literary agents of up to 10 books they want to see made into films
  • Up to seven scheduled one-to-one meetings for publishers/ agents with film producers & financiers
  • Networking events.

37South: PostScript & Direct, a special collaboration of Film Victoria and the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) at 37South2008, allows selected directors and screenwriters from Victoria to meet, and pitch to, a range of 37South’s registered Australian/NZ producers and interest them in their work and skills via a series of one-to-one 15-minute meetings followed by a networking event.