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  • 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF (BaM) is an event on the opening day of the 37ºSouth Market at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) promoting links and business between the publishing industry and the film industry to foster film rights sales for book-to-film adaptations.
  • BaM is part of MIFF 37ºSouth Market, which brings together up to 100 Australian/NZ producers with invited international and local film financiers, studios, sales agents and distributors for scheduled meetings, roundtables, panel discussions and networking events in the opening weekend of MIFF.
  • Previous editions of 37ºSouth’s BaM were attended by over 200 publishers/agents, producers and financiers for an event comprising a networking lunch, case study and a pitching event.
  • 37ºSouth’s BaM comprises:
    o Case-study panel discussion on recent adaptations and public pitching by publishers of up to 10 books most likely to get made into films (as selected by BaM’s reading panel)
    o Scheduled one-to-one meetings for publishers with film producers & financiers
    o Networking and/or screening event.
  • In 2021, 37ºSouth’s BaM will occur on Thursday 05 August at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre in Flinders Street from 9am to 3pm.

37ºSouth’s BaM – Call for Submissions

  • This application form is ONLY for Australian & NZ publishers/literary agents (film rights holders) with books that are suitable for adaptation into a film and that have the worldwide film rights available.
  • Companies may submit up to five (5) books each on the condition that the company undertakes to be present at 37ºSouth’s BaM in Melbourne on Thursday 05 August 2021 and to participate in pitching, networking and scheduled meetings (if selected).
  • While there is no application or registration fee for publishers for 37ºSouth’s BaM, companies will need to cover the costs of their own transport to, and accommodation in, Melbourne.
  • All submissions will be considered by the 37ºSouth Market team, on the basis of the book’s cinematic potential and finance-ability, for inclusion in:
    o The public pitching session by producers to the assembled film producers & financiers
    o The BaM film rights catalogue distributed to film producers & financiers
  • Selected publishing companies will have up to eight (8) meetings scheduled for them with screen producers/financiers to promote their books. Further, more informal, networking opportunities will be provided.
  • Please fully complete the form below and be aware that if your book is selected, the completed form will be included in the film rights catalogue distributed to financiers/buyers and producers – and that by applying you are agreeing to this.
  • Only publishers/literary agents can be accredited to attend 37ºSouth’s BaM from this form.

Application Process

1] Fully complete the application form below, with one form per book (with a limit of five (5) books per company).
2] Submit this form on or before COB on 31 May 2021

Please email all queries to