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Application Process
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2] Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); link at end of this page
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* Deadline: 15 June 2021 *



The central component of MIFF 37ºSouth Market, 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap is a screen content financing market primarily for producers with script-stage projects staged in the opening four days of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).

However, there is also a limited number of 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings slots for producers with a completed film who are seeking to attach a sales agent and/or distributor.

Selected producers will receive a 37ºSouth Market diary comprising:

  • Scheduled one-to-one meetings for registered producers with selected local & international film financiers/buyers at Bridging the Gap;
  • State of Play panel sessions discussing current feature film issues; and
  • Networking events.

Also returning at MIFF 37ºSouth Market will be:

  • 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF (BaM), promoting links and business between publishers, film financiers and producers to foster book-to-film adaptations, which comprises: a case-study panel discussion on recent adaptations and public pitching by publishers of up to 10 books they want to see made into films; scheduled one-to-one meetings for publishers with film producers & financiers; and a Networking event.
  • 37ºSouth: Post Script&Direct (PS&D), enabling screenwriters/directors/creatives to meet with 37ºSouth’s registered producers.

And, new this year is:

  • 37ºSouth: Nexus, promoting links and business between screen adaptation IP rights holders of varying formats (including podcasts, musicals, games, stage-plays, news articles) and the film industry to foster screen adaptations of these formats.
  • 37ºSouth: Linking-Up, facilitating links and business for 37ºSouth’s partner agencies and private sector organisations with screen producers via a series of curated meetings and networking events.

*** Registrations for producers selected for Breakthru Screenings include the option to participate in State of Play, Books at MIFF, PostScript&Direct and Nexus.

37ºSouth: Breakthru Screening submission/registration conditions:

  • This application form is ONLY for completed (or fine-cut) feature-length films (drama or documentary) which are seeking to find a world sales agent and/or Australian distribution at MIFF 37ºSouth Market and are applying for selection in the 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings, which will be private invite-only screenings for invited local and international buyers only.
  • If you are a producer with a market-ready script wishing to apply for inclusion at MIFF 37ºSouth Market, DO NOT fill in this form. Instead, go to Producer – Script Stage Project Financing page.
  • There are a very limited number of screening slots so entry is highly competitive. By applying, you agree that, to be eligible for consideration, films must: be Australian/NZ in origin; have been completed no more than 12 months before their Breakthru Screening; have world sales rights and/or ANZ distribution available; not have screened previously in a market and/or festival and/or public setting.
  • Selection for the 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings is NOT related in any way to selection for screening in the main screening program at MIFF and if you would like to have your film considered for MIFF please enter your film through MIFF’s regular application process separate to this process. Equally, if you have already submitted your film for consideration to MIFF, but also want to be considered for the 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings for buyers you will need to complete this application process below to be considered.
  • By applying, you agree that your film (if selected) can be exhibited to buyers participating in 37ºSouth Market.
  • In addition to the screening, one producer from the film that is screening will then be eligible to attend scheduled follow-up meetings with buyers at 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap. The applicant producer completing this form must be the same producer that will attend the meetings and, by applying, agrees to be available for all of 05 August (from 8.45am) – 08 August 2021 (until 7.30pm) inclusive.
  • Costs of transport to, and accommodation in, Melbourne to be covered by the producer.
  • By applying producers are agreeing to take meetings with financiers/buyers.
  • Please fully complete the form and by applying you agree that if your application is selected, the completed forms will be included in the project booklet distributed to the market’s participants. Please note that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide the full information on the form. If you are selected to participate at 37ºSouth Market, this 2-page form becomes your entry in the project book from which the financiers then make their selections for who they wish to meet on the basis of that entry. So, your application form is a crucial document that serves two important functions: (1) it is the basis upon which the decision to select you to participate is made; and (2) it is the basis upon which the financiers will determine if they wish to meet you. Please note that by applying, you agree that meetings are at the choice of the financing guests and that 37ºSouth cannot guarantee the number of meetings that you will be selected for by the guests.
  • Only ONE producer per project will receive a photo lanyard entitling them for entry to 37ºSouth meetings, events and functions. If extra members of the creative team or producers of the other (non-lead) projects on your slate wish to also attend 37ºSouth Market, they may submit a separate application. If both applicants are selected you may elect to take meetings together if you wish. Please indicate on your application if you wish to link with another applicant for meetings should you both be selected. By applying, you agree to the one producer per application/lanyard rule.
  • Should you be selected for MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap, you will receive a detailed diary for your visit on or around 02 August 2021. You also agree that 37ºSouth Market may use any photos taken of you during the events.

Producer Benefits

If your application is successful, your registration will entitle you to:

  • Four (4) day photo lanyard pass to market floor and personal diary of meetings with financiers/buyers (meetings allocated by 37ºSouth staff primarily on basis of buyer preferences).
  • Inclusion of your project(s) in the project booklet for 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap invited financiers/buyers.
  • Invite to at least two (2) cocktail functions and four (4) buffet lunch networking functions
  • Eligible to attend 37ºSouth’s State of Play and participate in 37ºSouth’s Books at MIFF and being considered for participation in 37ºSouth: PostScript&Direct and 37ºSouth: Nexus.

Application Form

Be sure to include relevant credits for all Secured and Attached Personnel on the application form. For each person, please include credits as follows: Great Film (s), Superb Film (f), Excellent Program (t). NOTE: f=feature film; t=TV; s=short; w=web series.

See here for more details on 37ºSouth’s various sections

Questions? See the FAQ page