Digital Summit


The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and Screen Australia, in association with MIFF
37ºSouth Market, present an intensive two-day event in which acclaimed US filmmaker and author Jon Reiss
(BOMB IT, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CIRCUITRY) introduces participants to the new world of hybrid film
distribution and marketing.

This essential workshop encompasses: how to create a digital marketing & distribution strategy; review of
potential available markets, audience engagement and more. TOTBO is aimed at filmmakers interested
in opportunities offered by digital technologies and social media trends and participants will have the
opportunity to workshop their own film projects as part of the event. Don’t miss this rare Australian visit by
Reiss with TOTBO, which has run at high profile events in New York and Los Angeles.


PROGRAM 2: X|Media|Lab: Film X-Tended

Presented by Screen Australia, in association with MIFF 37ºSouth Market, X|Media|Lab: “Film X-Tended”
explores what digital can bring to a feature film, with a focus on ‘transmedia’: the use of digital platforms
to extend narrative and build interactive content around a linear property. Examples include App, Online
Extensions and Alternate Reality Game extending the narrative and reach of the film, along with dynamic
social media strategies giving audiences the opportunity to connect and participate with characters,
filmmakers, and each other.

Featuring high-level international and Australian experts, the Pro Day Conference (General Admission
– 28th July) explores creativity, case studies, marketing, and revenue potentials, while the Lab Day
(Selected Film Projects Only – 29th July), enables selected filmmakers/project teams to work one-on-one
with mentors for high-level elite personal consultation and entry into an impeccable international network.

This is the first Melbourne event in more than two years for XML, which is an acclaimed digital media event
held in 13 cities around the world. The event is aimed at filmmakers, film distributors & marketers, and digital
creatives & executives. If you have a film project and want to use digital to engage your audience, or if you’re
a digital producer seeking to collaborate with filmmakers, then XML: “Film X-Tended” will be a uniquely