37ºSouth Market

MIFF 37ºSouth Market, 03 August – 06 August 2023


A selective event for producers to pitch their script-stage screen projects to potential financiers, the Market also includes screenings for buyers, modules for publishers and IP owners pitching to producers their manuscripts/creative assets for potential screen adaptations, and writers pitching their screenplays to producers, plus panel discussions.


37ºSouth is the exclusive South Pacific partner of London’s Production Finance Market (PFM). For an article on the 37ºSouth-PFM Alliance click here and here



Applications for this year’s MIFF 37ºSouth Market are now open. Please go to the Call for Submissions section of this website to apply. A detailed program for MIFF 37ºSouth Market will be released shortly before the event, but keep an eye on this website for any updates.


Previous Editions

To see what the MIFF 37ºSouth Market program was like in previous years, and the range of local and international studio, world sales agents, distribution and funding executives who attended, go to the Program Archive section of this website or click below.