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MIFF Premiere Fund

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Melbourne International Film Festival PREMIERE FUND



The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), through the Government of Victoria, has established an ongoing fund for supporting new Australian theatrical films and feature-length documentaries. The MIFF Premiere Fund aims to support quality feature-length projects that will have their International premiere at MIFF. The Fund is a strategic minority co-financier of a range of films and is be keen to see diversity on its slate in terms of filmmaking teams and genres of films. Projects will be assessed on a range of factors as per the Assessment Criteria in the  Guidelines (see below).

Celebrating 10 years of operation, the Premiere Fund promo clip can be viewed here.



You can see the full Premiere Fund slate here and here.

If you missed any Premiere Fund films, you can find them at iTues here.



Projects may seek a range of supports from the MIFF Premiere Fund, such as:
  • completed projects seeking distribution/marketing support, via advances;
  • fully shot or mostly shot projects seeking completion/enhancement funding;
  • scripts (or fully developed proposals/outlines in the case of documentaries) in an advanced state of financing seeking mini-gap or equity investment.

Full Guidelines are available to download here: MIFF PF Round 43 Guidelines

Dates of the present round and tentative dates for future rounds can be found in the table in section [3] on page 2 of the guidelines.
Dates (when available) for funding rounds will be notified here so always keep an eye on the website or subscribe to MIFF's WideScreen newsletter here which will carry notifications of funding rounds.


Rounds One (1) through 42 are now closed. 

Round 43 will be open for submissions from 31 January 2019 with applications closing on 25 February 2019 for decisions due around 08 April 2019. For more details on funding round dates, see the chart on page two of the above guidelines

The application form can be downloaded here: 

MIFF PF Round 43 AppForm Doc or MIFF PF Round 43 AppForm Pdf


Problems filling out the form? You can fill out the form by "right clicking" on your PC. If you are using Mac, enable the right click. Check out the following link:  Then try right click and Add text, or CTRL+click, and you should be able to type into the fields.


 The Premiere Fund has a proud history of assisting the telling of a diverse range of stories from a diverse range of talent and voices.

Over its ten years:

  • Nearly 32% of Premiere Fund movies have had female directors (versus Screen Australia-reported industry average of 16%)
  • Nearly 59% have had female producers (versus industry average of 32%);
  • 41% included youth themes (including Paper Planes);
  • 27% had elements portraying Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALDs), with 5% having CALD creative principals (director and/or producer(s));
  • 16% included indigenous themes and/or characters (including Bran Nue Dae), with nearly 7% having indigenous creative principals;
  • 13% included LGBTI characters and/or issues, with 18% involving LGBTI creative principals
  • Some 50% of Premiere Fund movies are helmed by first time directors

 Other key milestones include:

  • Children’s film Paper Planes grossed almost $10 million at the Australia/NZ box office and won the inaugural CineFest $100,000 film prize in 2014
  • Premiere Fund titles have won more than 55 awards and more than 280 key festival selections including Berlin (Make Hummus Not War, The Turning, Galore, Paper Planes, Bran Nue Dae, Monsieur Mayonnaise, Emo The Musical)Cannes (These Final Hours); Rotterdam (Electric Boogaloo, Not Quite Hollywood); Toronto (Cut Snake, Electric Boogaloo, Paper PlanesDownriver, Balibo, Blessed, Bran Nue Dae, Not Quite Hollywood, Blame, Machete Maidens Unleashed, Mother of Rock, Loved Ones)
  • Indigenous-themed feature documentary Putuparri & The Rainmakers won the 2015 CineFest $100,000 Film Prize, with Cinefest Jury Chair David Wenham remarking: "A story and characters so compelling and emotionally engaging that it reinforced the power of cinema to entertain, touch us deeply and stay with us forever.”



To keep costs down, the MIFF Premiere Fund is administered on a part-time basis. For all enquiries, please email woods(at) and industry(at)